Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Google Confirms : Its Panda

After a week long of chatter and discussions about the new algorithm change that has hit majority of UK based website domains.

Google has finally opened its card the earlier night confirming this as another version of Panda Update. The announcement was made on twitter by A Googler


And it seems like the even this has affected everyone a lot the most probale reason the sites getting "HIT" can be explained in no better way than this.

Hope you Enjoy watching this short Video I came across accidentally on You tube while searching for something else.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Suspense Still Continues: Panda or Penguin

The suspense regarding the new algorithm change in Google still continues. The official confirmation of an Algorithm update is yet to come from Google Authorities. However, the effects have been seen which is primarily targeting UK based domains.

The effects have been seen from both the angles .While many domains who have been bearing the penalties since long suddenly got boost in their rankings while on the contrary, those domains which were into the top rankings of many among the rankings on the first page of Google SERP tasted a sudden drop to the 5th page or even far away pages.

The possible reasons for this may be:-

1. Building links using 1 anchor text, targeting only on the page.
2. Low quality backlinks to the pages.

One important thing that has been noticed that among the sites being affected; Those, with good quality keyword rich content on the webpage of around 400-450+ words have not been affected much, ranking wise. Or not been affected at all.


Now, does that mean that this algorithm is another version of Panda update or is it Penguin?
Well , we still cannot be sure of anythingWe need to wait for Google to come up with the declaration.

It seems like the Google has adopted a habit to show the colors first then declare this is what we have created.

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