Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Google Confirms : Its Panda

After a week long of chatter and discussions about the new algorithm change that has hit majority of UK based website domains.

Google has finally opened its card the earlier night confirming this as another version of Panda Update. The announcement was made on twitter by A Googler


And it seems like the even this has affected everyone a lot the most probale reason the sites getting "HIT" can be explained in no better way than this.

Hope you Enjoy watching this short Video I came across accidentally on You tube while searching for something else.


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    1. Thanks!! Google has definitely nothing in person with anyone but is surely not gonna allow anyone to just warm their seats.. and enjoy positions with their crap online

  2. Indeed. Sometimes SEO can make people real aggressive!

  3. Seems like Google is paying more attention towards improving its SERPs with websites offering excellent quality genuine content.Also it is focused towards encouraging the rankings for the site those who add to its value and also serves the purpose of the visitor by offering up valuable content to it.

    This may be the reason that it has been long since Google has come up with a penguin.. while we can see a new Panda every 20 days or so..we saw the Panda #24 in Jan 22nd and now the webmaster threads are full with discussions about new algorithm to be introduced soon..http://www.seroundtable.com/google-panda-25-maybe-16392.html

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    1. Hi Shashank,

      Google has always played safe and has been always giving much importance to text content on the pages apart from the quality of links coming to the site and most importantly the relevancy